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Aria Tarabar Rad International Transport Co. (IRIT) was established in 1985 under name of Islamic Republic Of Iran International Transport Co. (I.R.I.T) which went private in 2007 and changed the name to Aria Tarabar Rad International Transport Company in 2015. with more than 25 years of experience, has managed to gain reputation as a reliable company in the field of business Logistics. IRIT. is ready to transport all kind of goods to/from Iran to all other countries over the world. Our staffs are always ready to give you advice on the best services, best ways and the best prices. IRIT. has the honor to communicate some of their capabilities in the various areas of the international Cargo Transportation on the verge of the complete of their first decade of continuous activity as follow:

o Enjoying the availability of a large fleet inclusive of standard “TIR” trucks of trailer-containers, semi–containers, canvassed–containers and employing experienced staff have the highest capability in the international overland transportation of cargo.

o Having continuous contact with their representatives in Germany, Austria, Grease, Turkey, Bulgaria, France, Italy, and United Kingdom, employs all methods in the area of international transportation of goods such as direct transportation, rail-truck, vessel-truck and other combined modes and is capable of transportation through all overland ports of entry. Obviously these facilities provide the capability of speedy transportation of all goods from all European, Middle Asian and far Eastern ports for IRIT.

o IRIT. as a member of “FIATA” shall issue FIATA documents and due to enjoying the privileges of “TIR” and “CMR” conventions has sped up the operations of cargo transportation in all Transit Routs without any interruptions.

o The stationing of knowledge representative in respect of international and customs regulations for goods clearance at all entry and exit ports customs departments of the country, facilities the moving of the goods from the customs.

o The confidence and trust of the large international Commercial and Economic Organization in this well established Iranian Company, guarantees the safety of your cargo in the international transportation.
o IRIT. Company, enjoying a large fleet, comprehensive logistics facilities, effective technical support and caring, and experienced staff has attracted the confidence and trust of the most of the organizations and public and private sector consignees in Iran.

o The credibility and capability of IRIT. Company couples with offering competitive quotations by this company, has made IRIT an ideal choice for the transportation of any type of goods. It will suffice you just to complete your file of the freight quotations received by you to ask IRIT. for a freight charges quotation, since the rates offered by us will indicate our ability the best.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site, if you would like to discuss any of your specific requirements with us we would be delighted to hear from you - simply complete our contact form.

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